This guide presents concepts of a biblical Earth that are fully consistent and established in the scriptures from Genesis to Revelation. These concepts are in direct and absolute contradiction to the cosmology that science has given us in the modern day.

Modern Cosmology

The Sun is the center of our solar system. Earth is a spheroid planet and along with other planets, they orbit the Sun at varying distances and speeds. Earth has one orbiting spheroid moon while some other planets have multiple orbiting moons. Our Solar System is one of many like it in the Milky Way Galaxy, and our galaxy is one among countless others in our known universe. Our galaxy is full of suns like ours that we call stars, and they range in distance from a few light-years to billions of light-years away. Beyond Earth’s atmosphere is “space” and is the empty area that is the gap between the celestial bodies. This all is said to have started with the Big Bang about 14 billion years ago and is explained exclusively through natural and scientifically understood processes.

Modern Cosmology Quick Facts

  • Speed of Earth’s surface at equator based on rotation: 1042 MPH
  • Speed of Earth in orbit around the Sun: 67,000 MPH
  • Speed of Earth’s Solar System moving through Milky Way Galaxy: 490,000 MPH
  • Speed of Milky Way Galaxy toward the Great Attractor: 2,237,000 MPH
  • Size of Earth: 7,917 miles in diameter
  • Size of Moon: 2,159 miles in diameter
  • Size of Sun: 864,337 miles in diameter
  • Distance to Sun: 93,000,000 miles
  • Distance to Moon: 238,900 miles
  • Closest star (Other than Sun): 4.3 light-years
  • Size of known Universe: 93 billion light-years
  • Age of Earth: 4.5 billion years
  • Age of Universe: 14 billion years

Biblical Cosmology

According to the Bible, all that exists in our known world is encapsulated by water. Inside this water, there is a vault which contains the Earth, seas, Sun, and Moon. The Sky is hard and the stars exist in this hard sky, or possibly in the waters beyond the sky. All that there is that makes up Earth and the heavens are in the water. This vault is big, yet incredibly small compared to what we are told about the galaxies. There is no clue in scripture to how vast the waters are, yet it is waters that surround us, not the empty vacuum of space.
The Earth itself has a flat surface yet has great depths with columns and a foundation. Down deep inside exists Sheol and other underworld areas. In this cosmology, Earth is absolutely motionless, and it is the Sun, Moon, and stars that move above it. It was created by Elohiym [God] as recorded in Genesis chapters one and two and had a beginning less than 10,000 years ago.

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